Halstead Sequence Dancing

Thank you for visiting our website. Our next dance is at 7.30pm on Thursday 27th February 2020. After Sam and Zoe (pictured right) showing us a beautiful waltz and a stunning Rumba we now look forward to our 300th Party night. We start at the earlier time of 7.30pm and have a night of treats lined up.

Sequence Dancing is a great way to learn dances, meet new people and share good times with friends. Halstead is the only Sequence Dance Club in Essex that talks about showjumping on Eurosport, the churches of Valletta or how to use Japanese toilets without getting soaked.

If you would like to see what sequence dancing in Halstead looks like, click here or here. To see how not to do it click here (watch from 26 seconds in...)
Do join us.

Thursdays 8.00pm-10pm
Upstairs at Halstead Baptist Church
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"You'll have a whirl of a time"